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Course Update Manager
for our e-learning courses

We are looking to hire a professional course manager and updater for an IT course.

The course is a complete DevOps bootcamp, which already exists. We created the complete DevOps program in 2020-2021 and the content is being regularly updated by a professional DevOps engineer.

So the work engagement is taking over the administrative part of the course update as well as supporting the engineer and working along with them to keep the program up-to-date. Example of such administrative tasks include, updating subtitles of the videos, updating the new videos on a Teachable platform, making new video backups, making sure the whole update process is streamlined and transparent for everyone etc.

Must-Have Technical Skills:

  • Experience and knowledge in managing educational e-learning content and course updates, specifically for courses for IT technologies is required.

  • Basic knowledge of IT technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes as well as software development is preferable.

Must-Have Soft Skills and Characteristics:

  • Ability to take initiative and work independently

  • Very well-organised and structured

  • Extremely detail-oriented

  • Easily available and responsive

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Very good English language skills


  • Part-time position (~20 hours), but possibility to become a full time

  • Only for freelance self-employed (so you need to be registered as self-employed in your company and issue a monthly invoice)

  • 100% remote work

It’s a part-time, long-term work engagement, with monthly payments, rather than project-based. Since the estimate of complete bootcamp update is around 6 months, we could fill the next 6 months with similar work for our other small courses. Therefore we can offer a monthly part-time work for the entire year.

So if it works for both sides, we would be happy to have a long-term work relation with an additional financial bonus for working with us for over 3 years as an incentive. We may even expand the offer to a full-time work. So if you are looking for a stable, long-term, well-structured, well-paid work, where you can further develop your skills, you are right with us.


We do provide some structure and guidance for the update process to help you quickly get on board. However, we expect you to bring a strong expertise in how to optimise and streamline the update process for everyone. For example, using tools, such as Notion, create an update board, where everyone involved in course update can collaborate and work together, as well as having a transparent overview of what has been updated, what’s in progress, planned for updates etc.

We also expect you to work independently and take initiative on what needs to be done when, without any detailed instructions for us. Working closely with the engineer, to make sure the updates are done and completed properly, in an organised way and in high quality to provide the best learning experience for our students.

In addition to overseeing the update process, you will be doing the administrative tasks of the update, such as creating backups of the new vides, updating subtitles, updating the videos on teachable, checking the course accompanying handouts and checklists for updates and also replacing them on Teachable, validating the quality of updates etc. We already have a complete ready checklist of such tasks, which we will provide to you.

Finally we expect you, this work engagement to be an important focus and priority for the duration of the project. So you need to dedicate 15-20 hours a week to this work regularly.

What you can expect from us:

We already have a foundational structure in place to make the update process simpler with an additional onboarding process in place to make the initial steps to get you onboard easier for you. We will actively support you with any questions, information, input you may need to do your work.

Additionally, as mentioned above, we see this as a long-term work relationship, so we offer you a stable, part-time (later full-time) work for the next years, and will even additionally reward your long-term commitment.


If you are interested in this opportunity and have the required skills and experience, please apply by filling out this Google Form. Since we may be receiving a large number of applicants, we won’t be able to respond to each of you individually. So, I’ll reach out only to eligible applicants.

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