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DevOps Course Updater
for our e-learning courses

We are looking to hire a professional course creator and maintainer for our DevOps online courses.

The course is a complete DevOps bootcamp, which already exists. So the work engagement is exclusively for regularly updating the whole bootcamp and making changes to keep the program up-to-date.

Must-Have Technical Skills:

  • Experience and knowledge of DevOps technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, AWS, EKS. (Minimum 2 years)

  • Experience and knowledge in creating courses or making updates to courses around DevOps or Cloud technologies.​ (Minimum 2 year)

Must-Have Soft Skills and Characteristics:

  • Excellent English language skills, preferably an English native speaker

  • Taking initiative

  • Organized

  • Detail-oriented

  • Easily available and responsive

  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Passion for learning and teaching new things


  • Full-time position (30-40 hours)

  • Only for freelance self-employed (so you need to be registered as self-employed in your country and issue a monthly invoice)

  • 100% remote, flexible work

It’s a full-time engagement and we estimate the duration to be around 6 months. We would have follow-up projects for the next 6 months for other smaller course updates as well. So if it works for both sides, we would be happy to have a long-term, full-time work relation, with an additional financial bonus for working with us for over 3 years as an incentive. So if you are looking for a stable, long-term, well-structured, well-paid work, doing something meaningful and fun, where you can further develop your IT and DevOps skills.

So we expect this job to be your main focus and priority for the duration of the project, since it’s a full-time work engagement. So we want you dedicate 30-40 hours a week to this work.


Bootcamp consists of 10+ modules for different technologies, such as Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Ansible, Terraform etc. So you would have to update the whole program, each module with the latest versions of those technologies, any UI updates etc.

We do provide some structure and guidance for the update process to help you quickly get on board. However we expect you to bring in your expertise to further optimize and streamline the update process.

Important part of the update process is that it’s absolutely transparent for you and us at any time, what updates have been made, what updates are being made etc.

We also expect you to work independently and take initiative on what needs to be done when, without any detailed instructions for us. This includes, researching what important updates need to be done for a specific technology, what has changed since the creation of our bootcamp, what demo projects aren’t working any more or works differently, because of the update in a technology.

What you can expect from us:

We already have a foundational structure in place to make the update process simpler with an additional onboarding process in place to make the initial steps to get you onboard easier for you. We will actively support you with any questions, information, input you may need to do your work.

Additionally, as mentioned above, we see this as a long-term work relationship, so we offer you a stable, full-time work long-term, and will even additionally reward your long-term commitment.


To apply, fill out this Google Form. Since I may be receiving a large number of applicants, I won’t be able to respond to each of you individually. So, I’ll reach out only to eligible applicants.

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