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DevOps for Business 

Build strong DevOps know-how in your organization with our  first-class online trainings 

Finally, training your team will  love 

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Skills acquired can be  applied into practice  from day 1  

Software Developer, Software Developer Courses,  IT courses,  DevSecOps courses, How to become a software developer,

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Teamlead Site Reliability Engineering

"I firmly believe that companies should take responsibility for the growth and development of their people. We're committed to this principle, and we've found a powerful way to put it into action with the DevOps Bootcamp from TechWorld with Nana.

This six-month program, meticulously designed by Nana, is our tool of choice to empower the next generation of DevOps engineers in our team. It's comprehensive, hands-on, and perfectly attuned to the real-world demands of DevOps roles.

Looking ahead, we're excited to see what Nana will bring to the table next."

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DevOps Team Lead

"This DevOps Bootcamp is an awesome training for teams to learn or improve key DevOps skills and apply those directly in their projects.

For example, I was able to design a new DevOps framework from scratch within one week without any big painpoints although the technologies were not used before. It was a really nice feeling!

I was not only able to deep dive into existing technical items my DevOps team is using on a daily basis (Jenkins, Kubernetes, Prometheus,...), but I was also able to learn new skills, which allow me to raise my skills one step further."

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Why Upskilling?

Usually companies search up to 1-2 years to find suitable DevOps engineers

Hiring new employees is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time

You're providing professional growth opportunities to your employees

Employees will be incentivized to stay and contribute to the company's growth

Training, your team will  love 

"DevOps for Business" offer is for teams starting from 5 employees

For 1-4 accesses, please use our standard offers for individuals you can find on our website 

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