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Getting started in IT
The Ultimate Entry Course for IT Beginners

Understand the  complete Software Development Lifecycle  
by taking up all roles in practice one by one!

 Inside an IT project  -
Getting Real-World Insights

Why we created this course?
We get a lot of requests from viewers without IT pre-knowledge (electrical engineering, marketing or any other non IT background), who want to start a career in DevOps.
But since DevOps Engineer is not an entry-level IT profession, we decided to create a course that will prepare non-IT people for transitioning into DevOps.


However, the course will be a great resource for IT beginners in general. No matter if your end goal is to become a software developer, DevOps engineer, cloud engineer etc.

Goal of this course
The course is for complete IT beginners and our goal with it is to give you an equivalent of a junior engineer's work experience and know how the whole Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) works.

So by the end of this course, you will..

  • Have a very good understanding of how the complete software development and release workflow works.

  • Know how to write a simple web application with frontend, backend and database.

  • Know how to create a simple virtual server on a public cloud platform and deploy your developed application on the virtual server and make it accessible from browser. 

What you'll learn -  Conceptually 

Understand the software development lifecycle

Web Development & Programming Basics (Frontend, Backend, Databases)

Understand roles in a software project

Concepts of versions, Open source, Frameworks & Libraries, Package manager

Tasks & Responsibilities of IT Roles

Cloud Basics

Agile & Scrum concepts

Linux Basics

Concept of browser requests, http(s)

Purple - Blue Gradient

Work through a complete
 Software Project 

Taking up all roles one by one and going through the whole software development workflow in practice!

1 - Plan

  • Create Jira Board and first Sprint


Role: Product Owner (and whole team)

2 - Develop

  • Learn Programming & Web Development Basics - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Develop app with VueJS and NodeJS

  • Connect database

Role:  Software Developer

INSTAGRAM 2.0 (8).png

4 - Release / Deploy

  • Know how to package and run an application

  • Create virtual server on cloud

  • Prepare and deploy application on it

Role:  Systems Administrator

INSTAGRAM 2.0 (4).png

3 - Test

  • Understand why testing is important

  • Different types of tests

  • Write unit and integration tests in JavaScript

Role:  Software Developer / Tester

Purple - Blue Gradient

Course Curriculum

Currently working on it, will be announced soon...

 Who  this course is for?

The best prerequisite course to get started in IT for people with zero or little IT background 

Pre-Requisite course for our DevOps Bootcamp

People, who want to get into IT in general

INSTAGRAM 2.0 (8).png
INSTAGRAM 2.0 (10).png


Learn Software


IT Beginners

Learn DevOps


ManagersProduct Owners, Project Managers of IT projects, who want to get a better understanding of the complete software development and release workflow

Frontend developers, who want to understand the complete software development lifecycle and get a big picture of how software development projects work

Junior software developers, who want to fill knowledge gaps of e2e workflow of software development and release/deployment process


  • Laptop to follow the demos

  • No other prerequisite knowledge necessary, it starts from zero

Who this course is NOT for:

  • Experienced engineers, who know how to create web applications and deploy them

  • Full Stack software developers

  • DevOps or Cloud engineers

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