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#1 DevOps Bootcamp 

6-month program to start your career as a DevOps engineer 😎

Bootcamp Overview
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*Schedule based on following assumptions:

  • 10 - 15 hours / week

  • either software development or operations background

  • work along the demos & do the exercises

However, the bootcamp is completely self-paced, so you can finish faster or take longer 👍

Sys Admin



Start as

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 confidence that you will handle any DevOps task at your job 


DevOps Engineer

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 learnt many technologies, but 

 don’t know how to use them


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 don’t know how real-life examples

 look like, so don’t feel confident you

 can really use these tools in practice 

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Who this Bootcamp is for:

  • Software Developers

  • System Administrators

  • Network Engineers

  • Cloud Engineers

  • Testing Engineers / QA

But we also have DevOps Engineers enrolled, who use the bootcamp to tighten their knowledge or use the materials to get things done in their current job

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Industry Projects

Real-life projects with real environments as you would encounter them at your work

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Your investment to
kickstart your career in DevOps

Choose the right package for your needs and budget 👍

*Prices are exclusive any VAT taxes

What Graduates Say About Our Program 💙

Get Hired or Promoted 🙌

Nothing makes us happier than the succes of our Bootcamp students


Bootcamp Curriculum

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Each module has an accompanying handout providing an overview with key takeaways, in order to make learning and working through the program even more efficient and easier!

Illustrated Handouts


Compared to other Learning Resources

Other Bootcamps

❌   Cost $8,000+

❌   Cram everything into a short 12 weeks
       program, which is just not realistic to properly
       learn all the required DevOps technologies
       and how to use them together

❌   You don't have access to the materials after
       the program. You can't re-watch something
       later, e.g. when you are actually working on
       the task at a new job

TWN Bootcamp

✅   Much cheaper than other bootcamps

✅   6 months is a more realistic time estimate to
       be ready for a DevOps job. But you are
completely flexible with time. With this self
       paced bootcamp, you can learn whenever you
       have time for it.

✅   Re-watch,
get back to the bootcamp later
       when you need
to revisit some topics for your

✅   Be part of an exclusive & supportive
       community for life-time

Learn from different isolated courses

❌   Endless cycle of courses without a clear

❌   You don’t know which technologies you
       need learn, when have you learnt enough
       and when are you actually ready for a
       DevOps job

❌   Don’t know how real DevOps tasks look

❌   Often usage of "playgrounds" or
       "sandbox" environments

❌   Get frustrated and stuck learning by

❌   Waste your time learning outdated topics
       that employers don't care about

❌   Learning from individual courses you
       won’t get the complete picture and the
       real life experience of using all the
       DevOps tools together, which is what you 
       need to do when you work as a DevOps

TWN Bootcamp

✅   Get a clear step-by-step roadmap going from
       zero DevOps knowledge to getting hired as a
       DevOps engineer

✅   You know exactly what you need to learn, in which
       order and how much. And 
learning exactly the
        skills and tools you will need in an actual job,
 can be confident that you will be ready for all
       DevOps tasks at your work.

Real-life projects, building the complete DevOps
       processes end to end, step by step

✅   Work with
real environments: Only by learning it
        the hard way, which is setting everything up by
        yourself and e.g. working with the underlying
        infrastructure, you can get the confidence of
        being able to build and configure something
        completely from scratch

✅   With a clear path and structure, it's much
easier to
        stay motivated. In addition, the 
support team and
       Nana are here to help through your journey

✅   Of course we keep our modules up-to-date, so
       you don’t learn anything outdated! And we teach
       only the relevant concepts and technologies

✅   A big difference to an online course platform
       is that the 6-month program is
NOT a bundle
        of isolated courses
. Instead the modules are
       based on each other and you learn how to
       connect the tools. This connects the dots in
       your head, gives you this
great feeling of having a
        big picture
 of the complete DevOps processes and
       puts you ahead of others

Based on our students' feedback and results, we can say that

...building your DevOps skills with our bootcamp is the best decision to reach your career goals and be one step ahead of others! 🚀

Our students work at:


Industry Trends

The DevOps market is expected to grow by 25% by 2023.
Getting a DevOps education now is a great investment into your future,
which will pay off very fast!


Industry Growth


Annual Salary


#1 Payrank

Highest salaries among all developer roles

DevOps most sought-after IT skill

DevOps skills are more in demand than any other IT-related skill

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info.opsramp.com, Stackoverflow



 Salary compared to

Bootcamp Price

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Still having questions?

I gathered all the questions and answered them in this video

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