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Getting started in IT
The Ultimate Course for IT Beginners

A mini-bootcamp for learning the  complete Software Development Life Cycle  by taking up all key roles in practice one by one!

 Inside an IT project  -
From 0 to Junior Engineer

Why we created this course
We get a lot of requests from viewers with zero or little IT pre-knowledge, who want to start a career in DevOps.
But since DevOps Engineering is not an entry-level IT profession, we decided to create a course that will prepare non-IT people for transitioning into DevOps.
However, the course turned out to be a great resource for IT beginners in general. By simulating actual real world engineering tasks and going through the complete software development project, it completely dissolves the fear and insecurity of being an IT newbie. No matter if your end goal is to become a software developer, DevOps engineer, cloud engineer etc.
Mini-Bootcamp from Zero to Junior Engineer
The course is for complete IT beginners and our goal with it is to give you an equivalent of a junior engineer's work experience and know how the whole Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) works.

This course will give you an important foundational knowledge of software engineering without any knowledge gaps, that sometimes even junior engineers lack. So skills you gain here, will definitely help you stand out!


13 Chapters, 96 Lectures
24+ Hours of Video
Hands-On Demos
English Subtitles
Exclusive Community & Support
Course Certificate
Pay in Installments

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$ 500

$ 395

20% off

*Price excludes any applicable VAT taxes

 By the end  of this course, you will..​

Have a strong understanding of how the complete software development and release workflow works. Better than many junior engineers with actual work experience!

Know how to write a simple web application with frontend, backend and database.

Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, Jest, MongoDB

Understand basics of infrastructure, servers, operating systems etc, Know how to create and configure a virtual server on a cloud platform, and deploy your developed application on it. 

Purple - Blue Gradient

Work through a complete
 Software Project 

Taking up all key roles one by one and going through the whole software development workflow in practice!

1 - Plan

  • Create Jira Board and first Sprint


Role: Product Owner (and whole team)

2 - Develop

  • Learn Programming & Web Development Basics - HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Develop app with VueJS and NodeJS

  • Connect database

Role:  Software Developer

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4 - Release / Deploy

  • Know how to package and run an application

  • Create virtual server on cloud

  • Configure Linux server 

  • Run application package on VM

Role:  Systems Administrator

3 - Test

  • Understand why testing is important

  • Different types of tests

  • Write unit and integration tests in JavaScript

Role:  Software Developer / Tester

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Purple - Blue Gradient

Course Curriculum

 Course last updated on: March 2023 

Recommended schedule to give you an idea of the scope of the course. However, it's completely self-paced :) 

Month 1


  • Welcome

  • Course Overview

  • How to get the most out of this course

HTML, CSS and JavaScript

  • How websites work

  • JavaScript Crash Course

    • Variables and Data Types​

    • Conditionals and Comparators

    • Objects, Arrays, Loops

    • Functions

  • HTML and CSS​

  • HTML DOM Manipulation

Learn Vue.js - JavaScript Framework

  • Vue.js Crash Course

  • Use Vue.js in our Teamable app replacing vanilla JavaScript

  • Understand why JS frameworks are useful 

Introduction to SDLC and Planning

  • Overview of the complete software development workflow

  • Understand roles in a software project, their tasks and responsibilities

  • What is Agile and Scrum

  • Create project backlog and scrum board in Jira

Develop Frontend of Teamable app

  • Develop frontend with HTML, CSS and JS

  • What are JS frameworks?

  • Learn about open source and libraries

  • What are package repositories?

  • Software Versioning and Release explained

  • Use Library in our app

  • OS and CLI basics

  • Install npm CLI on MacOS and Windows

  • Install npm packages (package.json)

Month 2

HTTP and Backend Development

  • Understand on high-level how data exchange between frontend and backend works

  • Implement backend (web server) with Node.js

  • Introduction to HTTP, URL and IP Addresses

  • Serving index.html from backend

  • Introduction to JSON

  • Implement data exchange - sending HTTP requests and responses

  • Develop backend of Teamable app with NodeJS

Introduction to Testing

  • Introduction to Test Automation

  • Different testing scopes and test types explained

  • Write unit tests in JavaScript

  • Write integration tests in JavaScript

  • Use Jest testing framework

Introduction to Databases

  • What is a database?

  • Different database types

  • SQL vs NoSQL databases

  • Install MongoDB on MacOS and Windows

  • How to configure database connection

  • Connect Teamable app to MongoDB

Package and Run App

  • Understand why we package applications

  • Build and Package our Teamable app

  • Learn about Artifacts

  • Run the packaged application

Month 3

Application Deployment

  • Server Basics​​

    • What is a server? What is the "cloud"?

    • Connect to remote server (SSH)

    • Ports and IP Addresses in detail

    • Control access with Firewall

  • Understand SysAdmin role

  • Create a virtual Linux Ubuntu server on a cloud platform (DigitalOcean)

  • SSH into remote server - MacOS & Windows

  • Configure firewall for our server

  • Prepare server for application deployment

  • Deploy our Teamable app

  • Understand Deployment Environments

  • Recap whole software development life cycle

Collaborate on Code

  • What is Version Control, why it's useful?

  • Basic Concepts of Git

  • Setup Remote Repository

  • Clone Remote Repo and Initialize Local Repo

  • Working with Git - Basic Git commands

  • Ignoring Files

  • Pull Changes, Rebase and Merge Conflicts

  • History of Commits

  • Concept of Branches

  • Merge Requests

2nd version of Teamable app

  • Complete sprint and plan 2nd sprint

  • Secure database on deployment server

  • Adjust backend to connect to database with credentials

  • Use environment variables to read credentials from the deployment environment in the application

Wrap Up

  • Next steps - Where to go from here

 Who  is this course for?

The best course to get started in IT for people with zero or little IT background 

Pre-Requisite course for our DevOps Bootcamp

People, who want to get into IT in general

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INSTAGRAM 2.0 (10).png


Learn Software


IT Beginners

Learn DevOps


ManagersProduct Owners, Project Managers of IT projects, who want to get a better understanding of the complete software development and release workflow

Frontend developers, who want to understand the complete software development life cycle and get a big picture of how software development projects work

Junior software developers, who want to fill knowledge gaps of e2e workflow of software development and release/deployment process

Systems administrators, who want to learn software development


  • Laptop to follow the demos

  • No other prerequisite knowledge necessary, it starts from zero

Who this course is NOT for:

  • Experienced engineers, who know how to create web applications and deploy them

  • Full Stack software developers

  • DevOps engineers

What  students  say about this course  🙌

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IT Beginners Review 3.png
IT Beginners Review 2.jpeg
IT Beginners Course Review.png

 The course, I wish I had  when I transitioned to IT

Hi, my name is Nana. The instructor of this course and co-founder of "TechWorld with Nana" - a leading e-learning provider for DevOps education.

And this is MY special course, a "heart project" of mine. 

Nana Janashia

While I help millions of IT professionals expand their knowledge into DevOps, I always wanted to create a course for COMPLETE IT newbies. Because years ago I pivoted in my own career and transitioned from business/marketing background to software development. And the journey was painful and in my opinion, unnecessarily more tedious. 

It took me many years of working in the field, switching IT projects and employers, transitioning from software developer role to DevOps engineer to FINALLY fill all the knowledge gaps and get the big picture of the whole software development and release process. But I think
this should NOT be so hard, why are no online courses or bootcamps or even computer science degrees teaching the whole e2e processes and making it more understandable?

So this is literally the course I wish I had when I started. I
created this course, as if I would create it for my past self. And I'm sure as soon as you start your first job in a software development project, you will see the immense value and feel the confidence of understanding the roles and tasks in the process WAY BETTER than people with your level of experience :)

Why learn from me

  • Millions of students love the way how I explain complex concepts in an easy way, so that everyone can understand it

  • Learn from a CNCF Ambassador, AWS Container Hero and Docker Captain

  • Have given trainings/talks/workshops @ companies like NASA, Microsoft, Red Hat

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$ 500

$ 395

20% off

*Price excludes any applicable VAT taxes

Or pay with 4 easy installments

*Price excludes any applicable VAT taxes

Purple - Blue Gradient

Happy to answer any question you might still have! Send us a message:

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you within a few hours!

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