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How transitioning from Sys Admin to DevOps Engineer with TWN DevOps Bootcamp skyrocketed my career within 9 months 🚀

Updated: Jul 5

Thinking of levelling up your career? Find out how Jean-David made a huge career and salary jump by becoming a confident and highly-demanded Cloud & DevOps Engineer 👨🏿‍💻

TechWorld with Nana DevOps Bootcamp Review by Jean-David

Jean-David is one of our successful DevOps Bootcamp graduates 💙

Meet Jean-David 👋

Hi, my name is Jean-David and I’m working as a Cloud and DevOps Engineer. I hope by sharing my journey, I can inspire and motivate others to persist and believe in themselves! 😊


What was your starting point?

I started in IT at 17 years, after a Bac +3 in Software Engineering that I obtained in Ivory Coast 🇨🇮

Like any Beginner, I was looking for a place in the professional world, so I wanted to be as versatile as possible to be essential.

So I was a Fiber Optic Technician, Graphic Designer, Developer, Windows System Administrator and finally Linux System Administrator for about a year and a half.

Why did you decide to take the TWN DevOps Bootcamp? What were your struggles? 🤔

I actually was a DevOps engineer for a little over a year in an IT company in Ivory Coast.

But this was just by title, I was really not good at the technical level.


I had vague theoretical knowledge of DevOps tools, but I didn't really understand them.

I was overwhelmed by the number of technologies that had to be mastered and I couldn't implement them in the projects that were entrusted to me.

For all this my employer really didn't respect me and sometimes insulted me, everyone had salary increases except me, it affected my mentality and my self-confidence.

I had planned to leave for my own mental health and when I saw the TechWorld with Nana DevOps Bootcamp, I knew it was time to train myself and level up my DevOps and Cloud skills.

So I took almost all my savings to buy the bootcamp.

It was very risky to do that, but it was either that or looking for another job for months, where I would most likely experience the same scenes.

Plus I had already followed some of Nana's courses on Youtube, I knew I could trust this bootcamp :)

How did you secure this amazing DevOps job in Paris?

Absolutely everything from the bootcamp helped me get my DevOps Engineer job in Paris.

Here the steps I took 👇

First I made myself a presentable LinkedIn with a good profile photo and an eye-catching cover!

Jean-David's DevOps Bootcamp posts

While following the Bootcamp, I practiced a lot. Each module in the DevOps bootcamp has several real-life demo projects and by following the demo projects, I built a strong and extensive DevOps portfolio step by step.

Finally I posted on LinkedIn everything I learned in the bootcamp and I put in my posts the references to my Git projects, for those interested in the code.

By posting, I now had great visibility, which is how I was contacted by people wanting to learn, companies, etc.

💡 Side note : That's what we recommend to all our students. Share your learning journey during the DevOps Bootcamp, add the info to your profile. LinkedIn is basically a career platform, where HRs are actively looking for skilled engineers. If you are visible and they see you are an active student of our Bootcamp, they know that you are acquiring valuable DevOps and Cloud skills.

During my interviews I was very confident, because I knew that I had progressed a lot, I no longer had anything to do with the person who doubted himself months before.

That's how I got this amazing DevOps engineer position in Paris 🇫🇷 and moved there to take the job!

Everything I learnt in the DevOps Bootcamp I could apply and use in my daily job. It was really a fantastic feeling to know what to do and how to do it, because I had already done it in the bootcamp :)

Did you make a big salary jump? 👀

Yes! I nearly earned 4 times more than I made back then.

You can say the investment I put into my education definitely paid off multiple times within a few months and it continues to do so :)

But your journey didn't end, right? 🇫🇷 => 🇬🇧

I recently signed a new DevOps Engineer contract in London so I'm going there soon! ✈️

Very excited to move there!

With my gained confidence and ability to show my skills, I was even able to negotiate yet another pay increase.

It's unbelievable how this DevOps Bootcamp changed my life to the better! It gave me the DevOps and Cloud skills I needed to become a confident, highly-demanded engineer.

High salary is great, but that's just one part of it: Being really proficient and confident with those highly-demanded skills gives you so much more, like a great feeling to be able to handle the tasks at work, job security, flexibility to work in any country and ability to provide a good life for my family.

What was your learning experience in the Bootcamp? What did you like most?

I liked the DevOps bootcamp, because it pinpointed what I really considered to be my shortcomings.

Each concept is very well explained with supporting animations, which facilitate understanding.

There is a lot of practice that focuses on projects that are very similar to the projects at work.

And finally, the treasure in my opinion, the explanations and then practice on how to integrate the services with each other 💎

Thank you once again for this great DevOps program, it's all thanks to you :)

Finally, any tips for someone, who is starting the same DevOps and Cloud journey? 💡

To someone who is embarking on this adventure, I would tell them that you should not follow the videos to finish them as fast as possible, but to understand everything.

I would say that you shouldn't be afraid to practice, that by making mistakes you learn more than when it works the first time.

I would also say not to be too hard on either, because it is a complicated journey and it has been for everyone. :)

Finally, believe in yourself, BECAUSE the hard worker will always surpass the genius 😎


Do YOU want to start a new career in DevOps or Cloud?

If you’re like Jean-David and want to become confident in your DevOps and Cloud skills, be sure to check out our popular intensive DevOps Bootcamp, which earned Jean-David such attractive job offers across countries.

Thousands of students use our bootcamps and courses to upskill and become highly-demanded DevOps and Cloud Engineers.

If you're starting with zero IT knowledge, no worries, we also got you covered. 🤝

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our custom career path quiz for some advice on where to start and what path to take ✅ 🙂

TechWorld with Nana Career Quiz


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