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From Sys Admin to DevOps Engineer: Jose’s Journey to an Exciting and Well-Paid DevOps Job 🤠

Our DevOps alumnus Jose thrives at his job when managing constant challenges. If you are looking for more excitement at work too, then DevOps might be the right fit for you, just like it was for Jose 🧑🏽‍💻

Jose's DevOps Journey - TechWorld with Nana DevOps Bootcamp Review

Jose is one of our successful DevOps Bootcamp graduates 💙

Meet Jose 👋

Hi, my name is Jose, and I come from Ecuador 🇪🇨

Jose DevOps Bootcamp Graduate - LinkedIn Profile

I’m a young DevOps Engineer, and in my job I love dealing with new technologies, automations, and optimizations on a daily basis. It’s a lot of fun.

And in terms of payment, it’s amazing: My DevOps salary is 233% more than what I used to earn at my previous job, which of course is besides of being fulfilled at work another important aspect and increased the quality of my life 🙂


What did you do before DevOps? 👀

In my very first job I worked as a developer using Java, PL/SQL and bash scripting.

With time, I became interested in Linux OS 🐧 and infrastructure things, so I ended up working as a Sys Admin in a big company.

Why did you decide to switch to DevOps? Which aspect do you like most about it?

To be honest, I felt stagnant with low payment so I researched new roles in IT and I found DevOps.

DevOps - Intersection of Development and Operations

It’s an exciting role that combined the two worlds which I liked a lot: "Software Development" & "Operations".

In fact, DevOps promised to be dynamic, with new technologies, optimizations, automations, etc.

“And because I tend to get bored easily, the excitement of DevOps seemed to be a perfect fit for me. In addition, I realized that DevOps Engineering was very well-paid.
As I love challenges, I decided to learn DevOps and do whatever it takes 💪"

How did you decide to take the DevOps Bootcamp? Where did you hear about it?

I found the video "What is DevOps" by TechWorld with Nana, and I was surprised about how easily and clearly Nana explained all concepts on YouTube, although I’m not a native English speaker.

So I had no doubts that her DevOps Bootcamp would be just as good. I wanted a complete course that gave me the big picture, not isolated courses without connection. And the DevOps Bootcamp was a perfect match for my needs ✅

“Also the DevOps Bootcamp offered a community of students, and Support with learning, and that was very important to me.”

The main obstacle to me was the price but I considered it as an investment in my career, and it definitely paid off!

I didn't try any other schools, just TechWorld with Nana’s DevOps Bootcamp and it was clearly everything I needed to make the career switch.

What was the best part of the DevOps Bootcamp? 💎

I really liked the quality of labs (hands-on projects) and continuity between the lessons.

It was very easy for me to completely understand the classes. I was able to make a profile in Github with all my knowledge.

So, how did you get your new job, how did you prepare?  💪 💼

With my Github profile, my DevOps badge as a “Certified DevOps Practitioner” and all the new knowledge, I updated my LinkedIn profile and curriculum, and I started applying for DevOps positions. ✍️

I was invited to many interesting interviews, and eventually I got a new job within only 1 year of enrolling in the DevOps Bootcamp! It went so fast! 🤠

DevOps Certification at TechWorld with Nana

DevOps Certification at TechWorld with Nana 🏅

At the end of the program, students can apply for our DevOps certification at no additional cost. In addition to the projects portfolio, it further testifies the acquired skills to employers ✅

Is there a big difference in your salary? 💸

I got a 233% increase compared to my previous salary.

This actually confirmed what my research showed that DevOps is very demanded. It seems there is a lack of people, who can implement DevOps properly and companies are therefore willing to pay premium to get skilled people :)

What do you recommend to new DevOps-aspirants? 💡

Be patient, don't skip any lecture of the Bootcamp, because you think "you already know that".

Do all the hands-on projects to get real practice, and very importantly ‼️:

Create a Github profile based on what you’ve learned 📒

I can assure you, with the DevOps Bootcamp you have a complete program that prepares you for the majority of DevOps jobs published out there 😊  Good luck!

Feel free to share anything else in addition 🙂

I just want to say THANK YOU for the hard work in order to deliver a high quality education, I'm very proud of being part of TechWorld with Nana.

You are changing lives.


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